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Flexible manufacturing system (FMS)

Advantages and characteristics of PARKSON FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System):

The FMS takes the pallet as the storage unit, takes out the pallet of the tray and put it into the suitable storage or processing position through the lifting and horizontal movement and rotation movement of central axis. The FMS has a wide range of applications, can be stored a variety of tray, such as pallet and fixture, which are suitable for all kinds of machine tools, such as horizontal machining center, vertical machining center and every kind of five-axis machining center.

  • Great utilization rate of factory space and save site cost.
  • Automatically storing and retrieving, saving the time of searching for processed objects and finished products.
  • Reduce labor force and increase efficiency.
  • A separate storage space protects the processed workpieces and avoids collisions caused by manual handling.
  • Flexible setting of storage locations for processed objects and finished products.
  • It can be connected with the machine for real-time and accurate material preparation and processing.
  • With advanced functions, can achieve lights-out factory.
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